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How to Buy a Brand New House by Throwing a Paint and Pizza Party as Your Down Payment

Anthony Cummuta
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One of my favorite parts about real estate is that someone can buy a New Construction Home. This is one of the rare times in this world that you can truly call a place yours, and only yours. Go back months before you ever moved in, to day 1 when you walked into that model home at the end of your block. From that very first moment, you became the official designer and decision maker on how your home was to be constructed.

*DO you need 4 BR or do you want the 3BR with den, French doors & open loft?

*WHAT will be better for your family? An extended dining room to fit 8, or extended kitchen island with granite.

*YOU will find yourself overwhelmed with how many decisions there can be. In these times, remember Rome was not built in a day! Put down the plans, get a cup of coffee, take a break and start again when refreshed.

*LOVE what you are designing or you will regret your decision in the end. If you ever feel something is not right, speak up and allow others to propose solutions 4 you!


It’s called FHA Sweat Equity.  As a brand new homeowner, sometimes putting less cash down today allows you to keep more $ in your savings account during this critical time period.  Whether the extra money goes towards furniture, new extra-curricular activities for your children, or just a larger emergency fund – chances are, FHA is probably one of your best options.  FHA allows you to purchase your new home with as low as 3.5% down.  Now, what if that 3.5% downpayment can be in the form of “Sweat Equity” – instead of the cash in your savings account?  In this article, Sweat Equity would be in the form of painting the interior walls of the home that you designed yourself!

Platinum’s time is then spent working with your realtor discovering exactly what you want in a home, and locating a home builder that can meet all of your goals in building your Dream Home.  Then, we work with the home builder to help make your Sweat Equity downpayment as seamless as possible.  They will have their normal crews put together the rest of the house per your specifications.  Upon completion of everything else, they will then schedule the exact week you can host your paint party!  Sausage & Pepperoni, Tans & Light Reds.  Have a blast, and afterwards – we will be ready for you at the closing table!


*YOU would paint the interior walls if you purchased an existing home, right?

*CAN anyone really paint an entire house or do you need help?

*HAVE the people that you recruit for help be the people that would never take cash from you as compensation for their time.

*PIZZA and laughs are the only forms of payment they accept, of course!

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