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Delayed Financing puts money back into your pocket after paying cash for a home

Molly Sullivan
Homebuying Resources

Cash is king in this hot and competitive real estate market! And in most cases, a buyer will get the property if a cash offer is made. So how can you recover some of the money spent to purchase your home?

Delayed financing is an option that allows you to make a cash offer then quickly take on a mortgage to get most of your money back.  This option is available to you for up to six months after closing on your home.

With delayed financing, you can almost immediately take money out in order to cover the purchase price and closing costs for the property you just paid cash to buy.

What are some benefits of delayed financing?

  • Enjoy the power of being a cash buyer.
  • You can apply right after buying the home.
  • Low mortgage rates .
  • Can be used on primary homes, secondary homes, or investment properties.

Delayed financing is only offered on conventional and jumbo loans. It’s not the standard mortgage product so every lender may not offer it. Therefore, before you make an offer it’s a good idea for you to work with an experienced loan officer who understands the loan and can explain the various requirements that must be met.

Remember that delayed financing is a loan. This option doesn’t provide you with additional funds, but it allows you to recover funds that you’ve tied up buying your new home.

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