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Make Home Ownership a Reality with USDA 100% Financing

Cynthia Ornelas
Loan Options Guide

Where do you feel most at home? Do you prefer rolling hills and fields over the hustle and bustle of a city or suburb? For all those wishing to escape the traffic and crowds that come with city life, a cozy home in the quiet atmosphere of a rural community is waiting for you with 0% down! A USDA home loan offers qualifying home buyers the chance to purchase a home in rural areas with many benefits.

 Is a USDA home loan right for you?

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4 Reasons to Consider a USDA Home Loan:

1. No down payment

2. Lower interest rates

3. Relaxed credit guidelines

4. Low income requirements

Qualifying for a USDA Home Loan: 

- US citizenship or permanent residency

- Meet income eligibility by state/county

- Meet credit requirements

- Must be primary residence

- Property must be in a USDA-approved area

Is your area USDA approved?

Platinum Home Mortgage is an approved lender to offer USDA home loans to qualifying home buyers.

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Cynthia Ornelas

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