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Watch parties: Can they affect the housing market?

Theresa Grant
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The pandemic forced us to spend a lot more time at home. With stay-at-home orders, our homes became an even more important place to spend time with family. That confinement (and spending less money outside the house) is a huge factor that contributed to the current remodeling trend.

The kitchen and family room have always been popular remodeling choices and spending even more time at home has increased demand for renovating those spaces.

With pandemic-related restrictions on gatherings being lifted, the 2020 Games present the perfect opportunity for homeowners to host watch parties and showcase their new home improvements.

As we get back to socializing, the Games are an extra big deal. People who are not even big sports fans are canceling their plans in order to schedule time to check out their favorite events. Various digital platforms are offering ‘at home watch party packs’ featuring printable decorations, puzzles, and medal count tally cards—making it even more fun to watch the Games with family & friends from the comfort of your own home.

With watch parties for the Games on the rise, it could potentially trigger some prospective homebuyers to press the pause button on their house hunting. In the sellers’ space, possibly halting unwanted interruptions while watching the athletes could also slow down or postpone home showings.

Regardless, it’s time to have a good time and show off your newly renovated kitchens and family rooms! Invite some folks over to cheer for Team USA , and also create some fun competition with at-home games. Don’t forget to serve event-themed snacks for your guests!

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