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Police Officer + HR Executive = Mel Maldonado | Prime example of female empowerment

Theresa Grant
Platinum Experiences
March is National Women’s History Month. That means for 31 days there will be celebrations around the world to honor all the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements women make each day to society.
Platinum is honoring Women’s History Month by shining the spotlight on one of our very own,  Mel Maldonado, Vice President of Human Resources. In a three-part series, we will share Mel’s journey that highlights her successes leading her to where she is today.
Why do you believe this month is important for women everywhere?
It’s a testament to how women have evolved throughout history. Many females have faced social, political, and systematic barriers, but our  tenacity and resiliency remain strong. I feel this inspires others to believe in themselves and trust they can achieve their wildest dreams.
When you were a child, what did you aspire to be when you grew up?
I aspired to play a significant role in law enforcement. I wanted to be a police officer and eventually succeed as an agent for the FBI or CIA.
Why did you want to become a police officer?
I had an instinctual attraction to the field of law enforcement.  I was fascinated with forensics, criminal justice, and self-defense tactics. Plus, I wanted to understand the psychology of people. I was also intrigued by both the science and physical techniques that I would learn. I felt a career in law enforcement would be thrilling for me to perform undercover work, solve crimes, and provide protection. I also knew the skills I gained in law enforcement would be double satisfying because I could apply them to help in my personal life.
What police department were you a member of & how long were you an officer?
I worked at the Schaumburg Police Department, which is in suburban Chicago. I was still in my rookie stage when I left the department,  so I was a police officer a little over a year. Even though it was a short period, I still learned a lot during that time.
Check back next week for part 2 when Mel Maldonado walks us through her journey from law enforcement to a successful career in Human Resources.

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