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Women’s History Employee Spotlight: Jennifer Ward

Naomi Bess
Platinum Experiences

I’ve been in the industry for 22 years. The first decade, I started as a part-time Teller at a large national bank and eventually worked my way up to Branch Manager.

Unfortunately, the bank decided to consolidate its positions so in one quick conference call, over 13,000 employees were laid off.  At that time, I was in a training program to become a District Manager.

Being laid off from the bank derailed my vision for a while, but I quickly regrouped when I found Platinum almost 12 years ago. Sometimes an unexpected event happens in life, and it ends up being the best thing that could have ever happen to you. That’s how I now feel about being laid off—it forced me to move in a different direction, and I found another career path.

Looking ahead, my advice to young women is to work hard, stay the course, and success will come with time. Focus on the vision you have for your career and believe it will happen if your effort is consistent. I also encourage everyone to be personal and not operate on auto pilot.  Always treat each new client as you would the first.

Ready to get started? Visit Jennifer’s website to get connected and begin your journey to homeownership.

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