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Hope for Disaster Victims: A Program to Bring you Back Home

Lee Gross
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2017 [was] a record-setting year for natural disasters: “for the first nine months of 2017, the United States has endured 15 disasters that each cost $1 billion or more and collectively claimed 323 lives …” says PBS. Hurricanes, floods, freezes, wildfires, and other severe storms, not only across the US but also across world, have wreaked havoc on many lives. What is there to do other than wait and hope for the best as these disasters take our people, land, and homes?

Many homeowners are currently in despair as their American Dream lay in ruins. In this difficult time, we want to help you turn what may seem impossible into possible.

Panic to hope. Grief to jubilation. Lost to HOME.

For those whose homes were affected by recent natural disasters, Platinum Home Mortgage wants to help you in the very best way we can: bring you back home! The FHA 203h loan is designed to help Americans who have lost their homes as a result of a natural disaster.


Find more information on your area on the FEMA website

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