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Tips to Combat the “Winter Blues”

Naomi Bess
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It’s not your imagination if you feel a case of the winter blues every year. Your mood swings, fatigue, and lack of energy can be attributed to colder weather and the national time change that results in shorter daylight hours. There’s actually a clinical term, called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), that describes how a lot of people feel during the fall and winter months.

According to the Mayo Clinic’s website, SAD symptoms usually begin and end about the same time every year, but usually disappear during the sunny, longer daylight hours of spring and summer.

During the cold months, the lack of sunlight contributes to the overwhelming feelings that may alter your sleeping and eating habits. While you can’t change the weather, you can take action to lessen the severity of the symptoms associated with the winter blues.

You could possibly feel better by making some lifestyle modifications to avoid or overcome falling into a winter slump. During the cold months you should try to:

  • Maintain a healthy diet
  • Do some physical activity
  • Increase social activity
  • Spend time outside every day
  • Practice relaxation techniques
  • Get enough sleep
  • Check into light therapy

People who are susceptible to the winter blues can, unfortunately, experience symptoms every year. Therefore, it’s a good idea to be proactive and plan various activities that can keep you busy throughout the cold months. Incorporate the lifestyle changes listed above, as well as others you want to make, and hopefully you will combat the winter blues.

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