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What are ways to create community in your neighborhood?

Theresa Grant
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Your neighbors are the key players when it comes to building and maintaining a strong community. Whether you live in a new or existing neighborhood, communities can grow as long as residents are willing to foster relationships with their neighbors.

If you’re wondering about ways to possibly create a sense of community, think about how you can open the  lines of communication. Also think about positive things that can continually bring energy to your area.

Starting a community vegetable garden is a fun way for the entire family to create an environment that allows residents to participate in growing healthy, fresh produce while building something good in your neighborhood.

In my area, garage sales are a great place to meet people in the community. One day, while out taking a stroll in their new neighborhood, my husband and I met a couple who stopped to shop at our garage sale. After an extensive conversation, we all exchanged phone numbers. Two weeks later, we hosted a backyard event to welcome that same couple and introduce them to other neighbors in the area.

Community festivals and events are also a great opportunity to experience genuine togetherness. You get the chance to meet new neighbors or reconnect with others you haven’t seen in a while.

It’s amazing how much can be accomplished when people in a community work together. On the block where I live,  we’ve built a sense of urgency to immediately get our neighbors’ snow shoveled in an effort to reduce accidents, slips and falls.

it’s important to create neighborly camaraderie within your community. Doing so doesn’t take much effort and doesn’t cost you anything to:

  • Be respectful & helpful
  • Look out for the children
  • Clean up after your pets
  • Wave & smile at neighbors
  • Talk to neighbors when bicycling or walking through your neighborhood & park.

Technology also helps create a sense of community. Join online community networks to meet people in your area and stay updated on what’s happening in your neighborhood. It’s a great way to meet neighbors and their pets.

One of my neighbors recently posted a message to introduce himself as the guy who owns a white dog that tends to “somehow get free to roam around the neighborhood.” The dog owner’s request was for neighbors to, “Say hello to Lucky and tell him to go home.” To date,  I haven’t encountered Lucky out taking a leisurely stroll.

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