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Relax + Unwind in Your Autumn-Inspired Oasis

Theresa Grant
Experiencia de la Platinum

Want to spruce up your home this autumn without doing a major project? It’s not difficult to create the cheerful, cozy boost you want without breaking the bank.

While nature is taking course outdoors producing colorful works of art and crisp temperatures, you can dress up the indoors to feel homey and warm using autumn-colored décor, textures and materials.

You can jump start a seasonal mood before stepping into the house. Add character to your front door with an autumn-inspired wreath. Also use dim or colored lightbulbs for outdoor lanterns to create a warm glow.

Bring autumn indoors with some quick and simple updates. Make the entryway inviting and comfortable using fall décor such as:

  • Colorful dried flowers and mums’ plants
  • Various sized pumpkins
  • A seasonal-themed area rug.

It’s amazing how you can change the color scheme, have fun with textures, and rearrange furniture/wall art to create a new vibe for a room and make everything look different.

  • Swap out pillows and drape throw blankets over furniture.
  • Accessorize with soft and warm materials such as faux fur, suede, and velvet.
  • Use earth tone colors like rust, orange, yellow, red, deep green, brown (and other autumn colors).
  • Set the table with fall-colored placemats and napkins.

Top off your home’s seasonal décor through satisfying the sense of smell with decorative scented candles such as pumpkin spice and cinnamon.

Autumn is a great time to unleash your creativity and make a statement. So go ahead and light some candles, sip on some hot cocoa, and relax in the warm and cozy atmosphere that you created!

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