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Coloring Books = Relief During House Hunting Process

Theresa Grant
Experiencia de la Platinum

Did you know that coloring can help you alleviate some of the unexpected emotions you may experience while house shopping? Adult coloring is gaining popularity as a form of stress release with therapeutic potential to reduce anxiety.

When you’re going through the homebuying process it’s important to focus on things you can control such as location, getting pre-approved, and submitting an offer on a home you want. However, there will be things that you can’t control during your house hunt. That’s when you should join the adult coloring craze!

Don’t worry, coloring is no longer just for children. Coloring books for adults differ from kids’ books: higher quality paper, intricate designs, and a wider selection of themes. So feel free to keep the benefits of coloring in mind and de-stress whenever your house hunt strikes a nerve.

Here are a few pointers to aid your search:

  1. A pre-approval letter helps you kick off your house hunt because you’ll know in advance the loan amount that you’re pre-approved to borrow.
  2. The home search could be exciting and overwhelming because of the emotions you may experience while looking for your “dream home.”
  3. Once you make an offer the waiting game begins. There are a few more steps that must be completed before you can get the keys:
    • Appraisal confirms to your lender that the home is worth the amount of the loan.
    • Home inspection allows you to find out if costly repairs—that you can’t see—are needed.
    • Underwriting verifies the accuracy and validity of your income, assets, and credit profile.
    • Once Underwriting has cleared all necessary items, you’ll be notified that your loan is “Clear to Close.”
  1. Anxiety may become a factor as you wait for your closing date to be set.
  2. The homebuying process can be nerve-wracking so you’ll probably want to do something calming. That’s when your adult coloring book comes in handy. Coloring can ease your mind and give you a sense of relief from your house hunt. And it’s fun!

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