Troy Hazelip


Comencé mi carrera a la edad de 19 años y mi sueño siempre ha sido que cada familia que quiere tener acceso a la vivienda propia, deberían tener la oportunidad de hacerlo. Puedo ser un socio para las familias que acuden a mí, para que, juntos, vamos a elegir la mejor solución de financiación para su vivienda.

Mi carrera abarca más de dos décadas y he podido ayudar a cientos de familias a alcanzar sus objetivos de financiación de vivienda. También he tenido el placer de entrenar a varios individuos que se han convertido en exitosos profesionales hipotecarios y esperamos muchos más.

Me especializo en compradores de casa por primera vez, y mi experiencia es incomparable. Mi meta es de aumentar la cantidad de propietarios de viviendas en nuestra comunidad, tengo acceso a una cantidad de programas únicos.

Información Del Contacto

Teléfono 909-483-9101
Teléfono Móvil 951-830-2548
Fax 909-296-8960


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Getting a pre-approval letter is the first step towards getting into a new home. You will need to answer some questions about your income, asset you may have and a credit check to see how much house you can afford. You will then receive a letter that contains the amount you are approved for based on the income, assets and credit information you provided.
After you found the right home, it's time to make an offer on the house. This involves submitting a letter that includes information about yourself, your offer price and anything else you like to include in the offer. Most offers include an earnest money deposit, which contains 1%-2% of the purchase price of the home.
An appraisal is always required to buy a home with a mortgage. It helps protect you as a borrower, by making sure that the current value of the property is not lower than what you are trying to buy it for.
Last step is closing on your home. You will receive a closing disclosure, that gives you information about what you need to pay and a summary of your loan details. At the closing meeting, you will sign a settlement statement, mortgage note and mortgage or deed of trust to secure the mortgage note. After which you are finally the owner of your new home.
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