Looking to learn more about how a mortgage works? Read on to find answers to common questions and other important information.

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Six Common Types of Home Financing

Learn about the most common types of home loans available.

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First-Time Homebuyers

Congratulations! Educating yourself about what it takes to buy a home is the first step towards homeownership.

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Seller Contributions

In an effort to lower the buyer’s cash for closing, many real estate negotiations will ask the seller to assist in paying for the buyer’s closing costs. The following is what the allowable closing cost contributions are from the seller based on loan type and loan-to-value. We hope this assists you in structuring your contract and getting your offer accepted.

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Credit Score Basics

The 5 elements that make up a credit score and the percentage of importance

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Re-Establishment of Credit

In today's economy, a lot of families may feel that they will never have the credit to qualify for a mortgage after foreclosure, short sale, bankruptcy, or other adverse credit occurrence. But time heals all wounds. This grid shows the time needed to rebuild your mortgage credit.

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Mortgage Glossary

This useful mortgage glossary will allow you to research any mortgage term with which you are unfamiliar and educate yourself about loan terminology.

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Home Mortgage Calculators

We have put together these calculators to help you make sense of the numbers.

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